Group Training

New group training opportunities available!

5K Training Program 5:30pm Monday evenings, Oct 10-Nov 28
Weather permitting, meet north end of Litchfield High School.  Remember to bring your reflective gear, flash lights, etc.
Fit-To-Go Fitness, 502 E Edwards St. Litchfield

Registration:  $35, cash check or charge payable to M&M Multisport Club

Click here for registration form.

Click here to register online.

You’ll receive:

  • the M&M training program
  • join the once a week run/walk with the club
  • receive a training shirt upon completion
  • included registration for Jingle Bell Jog
  • and December 2017 membership for M&M Multisport Club
Group Swim Tuesday Nights 6:15
Weather permitting: 582 Arrowhead Lane

582 Arrowhead Lane Swim
Group Run Saturday Mornings 7:00
Weather permitting: 502 Edwards Street

502 Edwards FTG Run




Looking for tips to help make your workout bearable? Or maybe you want to improve your training results . . . Whatever your motive, this is the page you’re after.

Strength MicroCycle
Injury Prevention Training
Peak Performance
16 Week Marathon – Half Training Schedule

Here are some videos that might be helpful:

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